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Our Classes

The Home EC Center, INC is a 501(c)3 Organization. We offer numerous classes: culinary classes, CPR certifications with Red Cross Instructors, Safe-Sitter (BabySitting Courses), Etiquette and Mannerism Lessons, Career Development Programs, Sewing and Textiles,  Budgeting and Economics, Art and Creative Writing Classes, and more! Please click our class catalog to see what's happening this month!

Youth Career Program

Our youth career program offers the community a jumpstart on their career choice from a young age! Depending on which program your child chooses, it will provide students with diverse classes giving them real-life experience and skills.  At the end of each program, our students leave as a graduate of T.H.E.C. with a portfolio of their work including business plans, films, books, etc. in their field of choice.

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