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Girl Talk provides a framework where teenage girls can meet together to find strength, learn new skills and create a network of support.

High school girls develop leadership skills as they guide weekly meetings for middle school girls, and middle school girls learn vital skills during their most formative years.

Impact the Next Generation of Leaders


Girl Talk was founded in 2002 in Albany, GA to help middle school girls
navigate the social and emotional challenges of adolescence. Today, Girl
Talk has grown to nearly 500 Chapters within 10 countries by providing
leadership opportunities for high school girls as peer-to-peer mentors.

The development of self-confidence and leadership skills has never been
more important than it is today. Data demonstrates that less than 21% of
girls (8-17) believe they possess the qualities of a good leader. Girl Talk’s
solution is simple and scalable: peer-to-peer mentoring in a supportive
environment to develop the leadership potential of every girl.

We inspire all girls to be confident leaders through peer-to-peer mentoring programs.
All girls live confidently, lead fearlessly, and grow into women who support and encourage one another.

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Want to become a Chapter Leader for The Home EC Center Girl Talk?


The Chapter Leader is a high school girl (rising 9th – 12th grader) who wants to mentor girls, share her experiences, and run the Girl Talk Chapter.

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“I founded [my Chapter] with the desire to empower
girls with an inclusive, sustainable solution to the issues
they were facing...Every meeting, I went through our
anonymous question box to stay relevant to the current
issues that our middle school girls face. The questions
I received kept me grounded in my mission to create
safe spaces for girls to share their innermost deepest
thoughts, and explore their identities in a supportive
environment. We truly can be so powerful and influential
in each other’s lives if we allow ourselves to be.”
- Girl Talk Leader


“Before Girl Talk, I let my introversion consume me
because I had no idea a ‘quiet leader’ could exist...
Now, I know a quiet leader is exactly who I am...I found
a balance between using my voice and letting others
use theirs. But the most fulfilling of all, I am discovering
opportunities every day to encourage others to find their
balance as well.”
- Girl Talk Leader

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