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Etiquette Classes

Please come back for an updated schedule for the Crown Jewel Club.

(Spring schedule release date October 23, 2021)

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Crown Jewel Club provides a positive environment for at-risk girls that fosters improved self-esteem and self-confidence. Through the program, Crown Jewel Club teaches girls how to make introductions, basic manners, and personal hygiene, how to safely deal with social media, the consequences of bullying, how to write thank you notes, and proper table etiquette.

Crown Jewel Club gives at-risk girls a sense of belonging and surrounds them with people who care. Girls also learn the value of giving, the importance of education, family, and friendships. Crown Jewel Club uses core values to give at-risk girls a greater sense of self-worth as well as self-respect and respect for others.


· PERSISTENCE: to continue to positively influence our members, ourselves and others around us and to continue to move forward even when the going gets tough.

· ENJOYMENT: to gain satisfaction and pleasure from promoting friendship, respect and unity while allowing others the freedom to pursue individual passions and apply their personal strengths.

· TEAMWORK: to promote cooperative and coordinated efforts toward the common goal of elevating individuals and their life goals and aspirations.

· INTEGRITY: to act with honesty, while honoring our commitments and being trustworthy and reliable. Living our values while saying what needs to be said – giving and receiving feedback and being accountable for our actions.

· RESPECT: to consistently recognize, acknowledge and encourage the sense of worth in each individual and their unique qualities and abilities.

· EMPOWERMENT: to enable each individual to develop confidence in their own capabilities as well as to encourage accountability for one’s actions.

· LOVE: is the thread that holds all of the core values together and is the essence of Crown Jewel club.

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